Project 144

Is a new adaptive search platform, designed to address the interaction of people from different spheres of activity to solve everyday problems

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It all began with the fact that the Internet has united people through e-mail and documents via hyperlinks, nowadays technology can create new connections between people, covering all aspects of their lives

Project 144 is a search system enabling anybody to individually offer themselves in accordance with the extend of their possible participation. This will solve the vital needs of any complexity for a consumer and for a large group of people

Today's search systems do the same thing, but without resorting to a chain of actions of people from different fields. We also suggest connecting people directly in action to address the problems of each person`s life

Activity is a new currency

We must become a society that is able to live in prosperity. The basis of prosperity is the responsibility for your own life and the activity of a man, who takes care of what belongs to him by the action, the knowledge and the taste of life. This basis is a joining efforts for self-development and evolution

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The intersection of the interests = service

  • Entertainment

    Service of private interests. Security

  • Culture

    Forms of achievements sharing. Interest in others

  • Education

    Hands supporting in the update points. Combination of strength and weakness. Sharing the experience

The man himself = positioning in the world

  • Professional work

    Usage. The opportunity to be "me"

  • Production

    Benefit. Meeting, gathering, work "for others"

  • Personal space

    Private contributions. Giving and receiving, it is easy for me

Needs = life support

No one dictates or influences the choice of the free will of the scope of the creative application needs, the actions.

  • Energy

    Providing movement. Energy - source of the solution to any problem, easy maintenance of any requests

  • Components

    Combination and participation, update. Action as a need of being yourself, to know yourself

  • Food

    Bringing to man what was given by the Earth. Extraction and recycling - transparency in the system, direct package transmission

Responsibility = property

Working vigilantly. Any request is based on this zone.

  • Ideas

    It cause changes and changes itself. Update - add new challenges to working ideas. Statistics - revealing zones of interest and pain

  • Objects

    Service. Functionality - the use of an optimal combination of objects and devices, energy and transport

  • Earth

    Territory. Just exists. Geography sets the venue of the event

The answer to the request
of any complexity

System details, combines specific preferences, coordinates the place, time, participants of the query, ensuring compliance with what was requested. Joint efforts lead to fulfillment of the request of any difficulty for everyone.

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